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For 2019 new & available from Longhouse, our original fold-out booklets in all of their splendor, limited editions —

Koon WoonBill Bathurst

John PhillipsBoris VianS Quasimodo

Gerry LooseGeorge Evans MandalaRonald Baatz 2017

John Phillips' No Preference ~ two translations by Julia Older of Boris Vian and Salvatore Quasimodo ~ Ronald Baatz's I Would Die For ~ Gerry Loose's Wee Book for Moven ~ Geore Evans' Mandala

Longhouse, 2018-9, foldout booklets with their wrap around band, all in limited editions

$10 each postage paid for US Addresses / international orders please add $2

We can invoice you through Paypal or please use our email address : poetry@sover.net

Check or money order to Longhouse, PO Box 2454, West Brattleboro, Vermont 05303. Thank you!

Questions? please contact us at poetry@sover.net


visit for details & more


all of the above and many of Longhouse titles are always available on Alibris, ABE and Bibliofind



Doc Dachtler


Available from Longhouse now !


Also available on ABE, Alibris, Bibliofind and Amazon


Visit the Birdhouse for ordering details






Darling Companion

From Our Press in 2018, Celebrating 47 Years of Publishing

Longhouse Titles & more

All first edition, softcovers, perfect bound


Heaven Lake by Bob ArnoldLunatic Drawings by Bob Arnold


Janine Pommy Vega JaninaCup by Bob ArnoldJames Koller SelectedJohn PhillipsKim DormanCid Corman OF CoverJohn BradleyJD WhitneyMalcolm Ritchiekent johnsonIf I Blinked Through These WindowsJames Koller OpeningsBeautiful DaysSapline front coverThe Next One Thousand YearsLorine Niedecker A Cooking BookxI'm In LoveMalcolm RitchieYokelJanine Pommy VegaJim Carroll by Tom ClarkRain Bearthis secret handshakeBob Arnold Stone Hut Cover FrontHelen Nearing

Dudley Laufman Bull

DuoMy Sweetest Friend 2014Dudley LaufmanStartnw8ty SunSwumThruMy Sweetest Friend 2010



All Longhouse titles may be ordered by Paypal, credit card or check

our email address is poetry@sover.net

all prices are current and in effect for each month and subject to change due to availablability and/or prior sale

Please include $3.95 s/h per title for domestic orders

Our mailing address is Longhouse, PO Box 2454, West Brattleboro, Vermont 05303

for international orders, please inquire by email



Whitney, J.D. Sweeping the Broom Shorter, Selected Poems 1964-2014. Longhouse, 2014. $15.00

Vega, Janine Pommy / afterword by Bob Arnold. Walking Woman with the Tambourine. Longhouse, 2015. $15.00

Vega, Janine Pommy . Janina, Visions, Tales & Lovesongs . Longhouse, Publishers and Booksellers, 2015. Packed with photographs. $25.00.

Ritchie, Malcolm. small lines on the great earth. Longhouse, 2014. $15.00

Ritchie, Malcolm. The Crows of Gravity, A Correspondence of Words. Longhouse, Publishers and Booksellers, 2015. $15.00

Phillips, John. Heretic. Longhouse, Publishers and Booksellers, 2016. Poems and collages $15.95

Niedecker, Lorine. A Cooking Book. Longhouse, 2015. $15.00

Nearing, Helen K. Jarvis Green. Longhouse, 2013. $12.00

Magowan, Robin. The Garden of Amazement, Scattered Gems After Sâeb . Longhouse, 2015. $18.00

Laufman, Dudley. Bull & More Bull. Longhouse, 2016. $15.00

Laufman, Dudley. The Islandian Poems & Fables . Longhouse, 2015. $15.00

Koller, James. Selected Poems 2003-2004-2005 . Longhouse, 2015. $12.95

Koller, James. Openings . Longhouse, 2015. $12.00

Johnson, Kent. I Once Met, A Partial Memoir of the Poetry Field. Longhouse, 2015. $15.00

Hausman, Gerald. Island Dreams. Longhouse, 2015. $18.00

Dorman, Kim. Owner. Longhouse, 2016. Poems and photographs. $16

Corman, Cid / edited by Ce Rosenow and Bob Arnold. The Next One Thousand Years. Longhouse, 2008. $16.00

Corman, Cid. Of, Volumes 4 and 5. Longhouse, 2015. $100.00 [now available]

Clark, Tom. Jim Carroll. Longhouse, 2010. $15.00

Bradley, John. And Thereby Everything. Longhouse, 2015. Packed with photographs and illustrated by Bob Arnold. $20.00

Arnold, Carson / compiled and edited by Bob Arnold. If I Blinked Through These Windows, Music Essays & Interviews. Longhouse, 2014. $18.00

Arnold, Bob, poems / Jason Clark, drawings. Sapline. Longhouse, 2014. $12.00

Arnold, Bob. My Sweetest Friend. Longhouse, 2010. $20.00

Arnold, Bob. Yokel, A Long Green Mountain Poem. Longhouse, 2011. $18.00

Arnold, Bob. I'm In Love With You Who Is In Love With Me. Longhouse, 2012. $18.00

Arnold, Bob. Beautiful Days. Longhouse, 2013. $16.00

Arnold, Bob. This Secret Handshake. Longhouse, 2013. $16

Arnold, Bob. Stone Hut, a builder's notebook. Longhouse, 2013. $25

Arnold, Bob. Go West. Longhouse, 2014. $15.00

Arnold, Bob. My Sweetest Friend. Longhouse, 2014. $15.00

Arnold, Bob. Rain Bear. Longhouse, 2015. $12.00

Arnold, Bob. Start With The Tree. Longhouse, 2015. $18.00

Arnold, Bob. Duo — The Collected Bird Poems 1974-2014 . Longhouse, 2015. $15.00

Arnold, Bob. Darling Companion . Longhouse, 2016. $15.00

Arnold, Bob. Cup . Longhouse, 2016. $12.00

Arnold, Bob. The Woodcutter Talks. Longhouse, 2015. $20.00



All Longhouse titles may be ordered by Paypal, credit card or check

Please include $3.95 s/h per title for domestic orders

Our new mailing address is Longhouse, PO Box 2454, West Brattleboro, Vermont 05303

all prices are current and in effect for each month and subject to change due to availablability and/or prior sale

for international orders, please inquire by email

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